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I’m Wayne, a statistician with a huge passion in statistics education and modern dance. I’ve worked as a professional data scientist in agriculture, social networks, and aerospace.

My current goals are to make useful statistics a mandatory subject in high school education all over the world. There are many reasons why I think this will make the world a better place. Reach out and we can have a chat :)

Teaching and Side Projects

I teach statistics courses with an applied focus. Applied work is not “easier” given that real world problems are never easier than textbook problems. You will constantly be making trade-offs and learning more about how the data relates to other things. Also, applied work requires you to know some statistical theory. This will will inform you on how certain assumption violations may impact your goals and provide guidance on your data exploration.

My teaching philosophy is actually heavily influenced by my dance background:

You can find a list of my courses that source material from several applied projects.

There are three statistical concepts that I would like to teach to the world:

I’m slowly compiling a statistics concept inventory overtime.

Thoughts & Writing

I have several thoughts around statistics, data science, dance, and life if you care to read about them: